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My first GIF I've ever posted!

I've founded it over the internet, it's not mine... and loved it! I actually loooooove this whole Family! 



You don't have a second chance to make your first impression...





...but you may have thousand afterwards to ruin that first one!

Kermit First_Impression Friends
Kermit Miss_Piggy 50_Shades

And he'll receive in exchange what?! 50 shades of pink? LOL!

Now this picture makes me want to receive... any kind of "shade"! LOOOL!

Sext me baby, sext me!

Kermit Sext_Me_Baby
Kermit Online_Love_Affair

Kermit has an online love affair!

Nuns in the City

This is only to not forget how much fun Sex and the City was! I miss those lovely evenings! Wonder if men did enjoy the series...

Benny Hill

This is a classic! I would take it on the Moon... forget about the rest, novels and significant values to take with us if exiled in space!

Leave it for tomorrow!

Only for the Anime fans!

Please, don't watch if you're not an anime fan! You won't find it funny!

OCCHI DI GATTO sigla italiana

CAT's EYE Italian version

CAT's GUY Italian version / opening theme

CAT's GUY Italian version / final theme

French people learn English!

Louis de Funes, 1914 - 1983

"Le gendarme à New York",  1965

This is for my dearest friend, R... on plains and travelling for business, lonely nights in hotels... for weeks he tried to "hit" the last page of this wonderful novel:

"The Handmaid's Tale", Margaret Atwood

"Swan Lake"

Funny Girls perform 'Swine Lake' before Her Majesty The Queen at the 2005 Royal Variety Show in Cardiff.

Ronnie Corbett in "Swan Lake"


Ronald Balfour Corbett, CBE, Scottish actor


Done working on my site... it's late again, actually early morning , I should go to bed ... but I had to post this!


August 13, 2020

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Find a second and try to remember a funny memory... smile! it's healthy!






















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